The pomegranate is active in catering and banqueting sector since 2001.

Our employees are young and curious professionals and fans of matter. We development catering activities at villas, castle, wineries, location in rent, private home and companies for all kinds of events: work breakfast, coffee break, gala dinners, weddings and receptions, inaugurations, aperitifs presentations with every type of menu, from buffet to service to the dish, for 2 or 2000 and more guests.
We transform
the food in event
with elegantly
and simplicity
Our main interest is to transform food into event, this need to be at the forefront of research. Workshops are held at our headquarter with the best chef both Italian and foreign. We operate in laboratories equipped with the latest technology, we pay close attention to safeguarding the environment by using "from farm to table food" and paying to study renewable energy systems. The strong commitment that we bring in cooking is just one of the aspects that characterize our way of doing things because every detail is studied with the utmost care, the combinations, the flavors, textures, colors and fragrances of each dish are designed wisely keeping in mind the character of the event.